[BR017] : Phil Weeks - Fire In The Wood (feat​.​remixes by Freaks, Spettro, David Duriez) [2019 Remastered Exclusive Bandcamp Package] + bonus track

by Phil Weeks



I met Phil Weeks in 2001 when he contacted me in Paris to share his music with me and talk about the distribution of his brand news label Robsoul. Phil has only 3 or 4 releases on the label if i remember well and was just about to release the fantastic "It Put Me Well". Now i had this crazy funny guy making awesome House Music tracks and talking on it in english with zero f*ck given for the grammar or even the pronunciation.

To say i was impressed would be an euphemism, i was hooked ! So when he made me listen to "Fire in The Wood" at this place, i immediatly said that i wanted to release it. And that was the start of our glorious collaboration and the growth of our respective labels which would be inseparable for years to come.

Robsoul was distributed by Cyber production at that time but then after the Dj Rork "Music is A vice" release (that i remixed) Phil joined me at Venus Distribution to create a strong pool of labels. I started designing sleeves (as Roger Chacal) for him and shortly after, our releases were flooding the House Music scene everywhere in the world as we were sending hundreds of white labels promo around the globe.

At the same time, Phil started to DJ and, well, you know the rest...

Epic time !


released December 19, 2019

written & produced by Phil Weeks for Robsoul Recordings

originally released in 2001 and 2002 on 3 separate vinyl records
cat.ref. BR017 / BR017REV1 / BR017REV2
mastered & cut by Pompon @ Translab - Paris
manufactured & printed @ DFI - France
pressing : 1000 copies each


all rights reserved